So Many Faces

by MC Who?

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The debut of MC Who?


released May 24, 2016

All Rights reserved by MC Who? All songs written and performed by Dallas Sinquefield and Emerson Andrews. So Many Faces was mastered at Man Vs Music Studios and engineered by Michael Sasich.



all rights reserved


MC Who? Salt Lake City, Utah

Somewhere in the cosmos, there rests an MC that people only refer to as the MC. But, the question remains: MC Who?

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Track Name: Won't Go
I haven’t slept it’s been all night
I’m left with visions streaming never ending in my mind
bereft i try to write
hoping that the ink will sink in deep and if I’m lucky
soothe me right
but then I doubt myself questions make me wonder why
I don’t want out or help I open up my third eye
I try to search the sky
connect with stars so bright
I let my mind take flight soaring through galactic light
but I lost track of time
in landscapes so divine
I try to own the moment let it go
it was never mine

You wont go awat
Track Name: Mask Musik
Will you lose control with me
click into this flow with me
just roll and let go with me
why you pigeonholing me
its like you wanting mo from me
who am I supposed to be
why you stand opposed to me
cop car who's patrolling me
banker who foreclosing me
doctor diagnosing me
you just can’t get close to me
so why you busy loathing me
I will make the most of me
Walls they be enclosing me
while corporate exposing me
with what they be disposing see
what are you proposing please
you keep it undisclosed I see
and smile while you hosting me
toasting me and dosing me
its like you are a ghost unseen
always so composed with me
always sure the coast is clean
right before you roasting me

Remove the mask, reveal the truth
Something special Something new
always asking MC who?

Ok let’s kick back relax
sometimes I get so off track
some might say I have a knack
to slip and slide between the cracks
lift the veil and move right past
inhale exhale peep the facts
music masking
who is asking
choosing tasks when
losing fast can
you please take this to the max
the universe is so damn vast
piece by piece keep it intact
just release me from this pact
life just seems so ticky tack
like prizes found in cracker jacks
the weight feels like a piggy back
so with my voice I will attack

Remove the mask, reveal the truth
Something special Something new
always asking MC who?

So nod in high fidelity
while your girl be telling me
I know how like Bellamy
A player causing jealousy
Now will you come to hell with me
smoke the herb inhale the weed
Laws they just like a parodies
they make you take a pair of these
in between both of your cheeks
They supposed to stop those scary things
but justice is a rarity
makes me want some therapy
Disparity no clarity
but life is never fair you see
so heed the words of Heavy D
it all works out eventually
Track Name: Allegory
Feel like life is nothing but a language game,
I’m played out on words and I got nothing but myself to blame
Can’t quite describe it so Ima give it a name
Because all I see are shadows reflected in the flame
Create shapes that occupy the same space,
My reflection in the mirror, clearly a different face
I’ll reconstruct my words so my meaning finds another place
Took chase in a race for what I mean today
The distance between us, constantly rearranged
The moment that i pinpoint it is when it starts to change
New school evolution disjointed and renamed
But my constitution is to never stay the same
Peace among the pieces, beauty within the shame
We all have an inner beast, no use to try and tame
At the end of the day at least my breath still remains
So Ima let it pass through me, the heavy and light
I think I’m ready for the bright, the pen is steady when i write
Infinite in the empty the day within the night
Caught in constant contradictions the black is in the white
But enough of these illusions, I think I’m ready for the bite
Poisonous ink within the pen a parasite
The words help me to live make the page take flight
I let the spirit take control and use my body as its scribe
I guess i bought the ticket so it's time to take the ride.
Track Name: Eye Sockets
Okay, I’m here to say
Careful what you do because the whole world visible
Power paranoid of the people, typical
Hope to the earth that my land stays livable
Scrap for the minimal used to be the pinnacle
I need a miracle, i’m feeling clinical
lives gone digital privately political
stand my ground reality seems fictional
Not permissible times became mythical
Lost faith and the end seems predictable
I’m not an imbecile, got greed unconditional
Like an addict shooting up in the street
pitiful, affect the populations
Coun tah ries made miserable
It’s almost criminal
So subliminal
Whisper in your ear what you want
Material, money equals votes democracy imperial
Wealth is the goal cashing checks at the burial
The murder is serial, to put the fear in you
Infesting the planet on that ole bacterial
I need a spiritual, touch the ethereal
Steady chant for ghosts
I don’t think they hear me though
See it clearly though
oh no
this ends with a mother fucking funeral
hide in the scenes they always seem to steal the show
who’s behind the curtain
I guess we’ll never know
where you at

I like to keep a low profile
Can’t stop, forever mobile
Always careful who I’m bout to dial
If you think you can’t be seen then you walking in denial

Peeps be micing me like yo what is privacy
Wiki-leaks info like what they trying to see
cartels to congress money so violently
I walk through the city police they got they eye on me
but yo I got my eye on them look at them
crooked men book your friends and took your ends not again soldier men
patriot act out to squash leviathans
they make to break rules see how far it bends
gives me the shakes true how far we go for dividends
all my men and women choose the message that we send
Maintain hope because we got to make it make it through the end

I like to keep a low profile
Can’t stop, forever mobile
Always careful who I’m bout to dial
If you think you can’t be seen then you walking in denial

keep walking the beaten road defeated cuz the cheating
all the lies and deceit take away from the sweet
taste left up in my mouth from those american dreams
homeless american screams how true americans bleed
What you get what you see, it’s either you or it’s me
I think we stuck in between, what we say what we mean
What’s to come and foreseen watching me through a screen
hoping to see what i see when i’m up in this machine
I like to keep a low profile
Can’t stop, forever mobile
Always careful who I’m bout to dial
If you think you can’t be seen then you walking in denial
i like to keep a low profile
Can’t stop, forever mobile
Always careful who I’m bout to dial
If you think you can’t be seen
Track Name: The Great Deceiver
Please no eyewitnesses this is strictly business
hieroglyphics on the wall they tell us of the tryptic
it’s cryptic the way they talk them politicians
on a mission for for for worldwide division
sensory overload broadcast to univsion
cut apart your cortex brainwash with new incisions
the decisions regal, like he’s the king of fission,
or fusion, either way the law is so confusing
losing all its spirit, they tell how we should fear it
showing off their ammo while they ostracize the queer kid
funny, cuz, it’s not the biggest issue
act like they remember but they must have missed you
so disrespectful almost like they dissed you
well i gotta dish too, revenge it fits you
revolution’s not the answer, it’s all about who kissed who
like a public fucking spectacle make sure you got the
corporate fucking tentacles wrapped around your ventricles
controlling your heart beat while they programming off beat
beat head beet red no matter what beef is
Track Name: Amnesia (The Smell Of)
Woke up, blackout collect the pieces
inspect the reasons
affected regions
in the sublime maybe everything came as an answer
it keeps stressin' me
testing me
it's getting the best of me
Maybe it was a dream lost in between
the imprint of a memory
impressions who i used to be
erased mind, space and time
just let it be
I need to the know the facts, search the directories
minutes to centuries, exact the the trajectory
artifacts accessories abstract the jeopardy
a guessing game of who is me
walking in these shoes will change your feet
I’m steady searching through these angry streets
Admit defeat, but keep your past discreet
a new chance at life every time you meet
a new face, I've been replaced
so keep walkin' keep keep talkin'
tell me what to do keep keep
I know the truth
I’m getting tricked

Woke up blackout
Track Name: G(Utter) G(Rhyme)
I had this friend yeah he had this thing
talked about cash had the flyest dreams
in his own mind has the grandest schemes
su preme it seemed
indeed he would topple regimes
felt like god with his self esteem
gonna be hell for whoever’s downstream
un seen fif teen
picture him in the middle of the night
stick thin with a riddle on his mind
fixing to get job done right
brea king ta king
everything that is in plain sight
seeing green with a spark in his eye
robbing streets that were on the east side
speakers jewelry TV’s you know
started off slow but his loot got big
grade a thief he was just a kid
easy money made him tic
sell that shit then get rich
the more he spent yeah the more he stole
til the cops showed up at his front door
tried to get away they cuffed him though
the jail-time price of touching gold

It's the gutter grime

got out of juvi was right back at it
had to prove he was still the baddest
made his moves to take that fast shit
Grab it have it
crafted plans how start a racket
jack the warehouse a big time bandit
then turn around and sell kids jackets
bags and kicks and fresh new hats
turned high school into the black market
teenage gangster turning profit
his hustling life made him a target
marked by dark eyes
soon the whole school was in his back pocket
so much attention people started talking
girlies noticed it’s him they wanted
go sip start ed
oh my god did you just see him
i wonder kind of ride he rolls he in
what about jennifer the things he did
dames turned heads he kept his grin
late one night he did his dirt
but a rival crew straight made him hurt
they kicked his ass and jacked his work
so please take my word

It's the gutter grime

after high school yeah he grew up quick
found himself a wife had himself a kid
got himself a job a full time gig
pay checks and pay ments
he tried so hard to make life click
constantly wondered where he might fit
like every two years his style switched
aim less im patient
no matter where went never found a niche
wasn't feeling right straight getting the itch
I could flip drugs and get so rich
so much cash it would be so slick
started slanging weight it was nothing new
with money coming in he felt renewed
quit his job his wife argued
love you’s and a buse
what the hell did he get himself into
she was gonna leave no more she could do
when from his front door the cops burst through
hands up and hand cuffs
When I saw his face it was on the news
all I could think this was deja vu
once my best friend but its just more proof
a hustlers life has painful truths

It's the gutter grime
Track Name: Grace Goes Gothic
Obviously obdurate, oblivious and talking shit
walking limp and wondering, will he fall in love again
or does he lack the gumption
smash the pumpkin crash the function
all of a sudden its
too much stress
tell me the perfect plan answer the circumstance
the con-se-quence
lessons in hurting hands
a concept worth letting in
who goes next
Tell me the present is
so fly so fresh so clean
oh my he get so mean
get the fuck outta here
he screaming at me permanently
his mind so unhealthy
this re-al-it-y is not what he sees
peace be in the pain of leaving

They say its dark at the bottom, too bad nobody follows him
the pain of his dreams steady chasing the screams

shapes and shadows
come through his windows
and he knows oh he know that he stuck in limbo
these hallucinations are
always excruciating
a prisoner not a patient
people think he’s sadist
so creative consider
all the places his brain's been
but he still right here
and nobody's listening
it’s like they don’t give a shit
like business is business shit
I’m the reason for the chapters in books
turn the page take a look
it’s the portrait of illness
self inflicted these villains
so conflicted by stillness
and still his mind's interrupted
he becoming accustomed
to doing as he’s instructed
but he’ll never adjust to the
laws that they’ve constructed

Started second guessing, had questions the pressure

They say its dark at the bottom, too bad nobody follows him
the pain of his dreams steady chasing the screams
Track Name: Whelp
Flip flop intellectual hip hop when I’m next to you
you got what you expected true, I’m not trying to lecture you
let me in to inspect your room the end a new test of doom
and he said it when he said it
he tried to change the world with weak rants on reddit
demands all of the credit these plans so he can get it
three hands is all he’s betting getting drunk to crash a wedding
but the priest keeps on forgetting scriptures to make the setting
eyes open are you ready turning out to be quite heady
the body’s getting heavy oh my god his forehead’s sweating
I can’t believe we’re letting the words slip away from me
you heard about awakenings we taking things like golden rings
and platinum bling so what you think
another drink so kick it back
first relax then get his ass
breaking bad we hit his ass
stupid teacher got so cocky had to go and split his ass
come down and chew the bitter grass
you got the glow that glitters last
release your flow and spit it fast
and let it go it never lasts
Track Name: Go Conky Go! (Secret Word)
Don’t be actin’ apoplectic catch me rapping energetic
getting hectic epidemic I hit like you an anesthetic
like adderall for academics or sugar pills for diabetics
so when I speak it’s so kinetic his MC skills are so athletic
top 40 hits are so pathetic just flashy things so cosmetic
Break ‘em off like prosthetics soul pandemic I’m apathetic
the new aesthetic not synthetic got phonetics to rock authentic
so magnetic my poetics they save you like a paramedic
first I start off sympathetic then I boom to wax prophetics
so eclectic I mix genetics a new breed of MC ascetic
they save the art with introspective rhymes about a new perspective
thought collecting and connecting spreading fast just like infection
so aggressive so suggestive I guess that means I stand arrested
at attention so demented a hip hop addicts intervention
now I trapped so suspended I think this machine is defective
new detective new directive check these flows their so subjective
making people apprehensive my rhyme book is so damn expansive
natural no rap enhancement fuck viagra this show is cancelled

How are you gonna tell the whole world, when you can't even say it to my face, no

to this light can’t hold a candle reaching out to grab a handful
taking over every channel drop the scandal change the panel
am I just too hot to handle tear you down just like a vandal
scream out loud just like a damsel please don’t panic peep the sample
made your bets too cheap to gamble insubstantial when you ramble
now you in financial shambles perhaps I should give an example
scramble when you hear the anthem like searching for a cure for cancer
I’m afraid that’s not the answer string ‘em up and ties his hands
reading out these new demands writing out a master plan
hit the ground faster than

How are you gonna tell the whole world, when you can't even say it to my face, no

Unattractive way you actin' use whatever fucking tactic
but in fact it's made of plastic
where's the soul?
where's the classic?
All I see is bullshit antics
sloppy shit, no mechanics
Rhythm is so elastic
outta here, you on the blacklist.